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Discardia.com update - what do you want to see?

Hi gang!

I'm working on updating Discardia's website. I want to build on what I've done before, but more importantly to create a home base for what comes next. I've got the rough draft of the book ready – working title Discardia: Making Room in Your Life for Awesomeness – and am about to start approaching agents and publishers, but whatever happens at whatever speed on that front, I'm activating the Discardian community online.

What's that old ad slogan? Something like What can Discardia do for you? :)

Let me know. I'm listening.

In the past I've heard people say they'd love daily tips again like I did during 2006. I've started that up with @Discardia on Twitter.

I wouldn't be a Discardian if I didn't know I need to keep from overwhelming anyone, so I'm keeping the volume of tweets down. Quality over quantity, that's the plan. Let me know if you're getting too little or too much. It's been busy on Twitter and Facebook the past few days as I get things going, but I want to steady down to a comfortable pace.

I know everyone isn't on Facebook and that's why I'm going to be working to ensure that any content I create is available to you where you want it, in the format you want it. Posts will be on the website and in Facebook. You'll be able to subscribe to them in a feed reader or by email if you'd rather read them there - though I hope you'll come to the site or Facebook to share your thoughts and ideas!

Tweets will be shown on the website and on the Discardia page wall in Facebook. That means a little redundancy, but they're short and easy to skim over. Or at least that's what I'm hoping. Figuring out how to get things out to people where they like to have them without saying the same thing too many places is going to be a balancing act. Keep giving me feedback and I'll iterate and improve.

Thanks again for celebrating Discardia. I am looking forward to helping everyone have lives they love more and more all the time.


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Great be-honest-with-yourself reminder from David Allen:

“But, to be exact, with those stacks, you could conceivably be ‘organized.’ It’s all relative—if you truly have decided that fifty pounds of miscellaneous paper material piled up all around your office is reflective of what it really means (these are all things that I just want to feel slightly pressured by but not actually do anything about, that I want to be able to find in a relatively short period of time, if I have to), then you’re organized.” (from Productive Living)

Heh. Yeah, I’m not so happy about “feel slightly pressured by but don’t actually do anything about” in my life.

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How to be happy in business

  image from farm3.static.flickr.com
venn diagram from what consumes me, copyright Bud Caddell (prints of which Bud is now selling).

Love love love this diagram of the intersection of What we do well, What we want to do, and What we can be paid to do. Succinct and lovely. We all can use more “Hooray!”

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40 minutes of fascinating conversation

with Merlin Mann on 5 by 5's podcast "The Pipeline"

A good interview, especially the bits about getting yourself in motion. I’m really looking forward to his upcoming book!

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Enjoy where you are, doing what you're doing

Of course, sometimes that's very easy


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What one of the most visually exciting days of writing a book looks like

Visually exciting book creation

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