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We're lookin' a little dirty carrying all that carbon around with us...

Hi. Enough dilly-dallying. America - and indeed the world - have been hitting snooze on the climate alarm for over 30 years. Now a whole new generation and more beyond it have to deal with the consequences, but we don't have to let the situation get worse.

In fact, by doing something about climate change now, we have a great opportunity to lift economies, improve world health, and kickstart new technologies which will start an upward spiral of opportunity.

Americans, do one quick thing now. Go to http://www.repoweramerica.org/earthday and tell congress

"I support clean energy legislation that will create millions of jobs and help solve the climate crisis by closing the carbon pollution loophole."

All you have to do is enter your name and zip code.

Tell 'em wecansolveit@metagrrrl.com sent you. And thanks.

(Those of you outside the U.S., let your government know too that it's time to support clean energy.)

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